Animal Instinct: Show Me the Love!

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There’s still lots of Wonder and Magic out there in the landscape of Cyprus: You’ve just got to search and find it. Here’s a unique experience for Animal-lovers, Families with children or simply anybody with a generally empathetic attitude towards life. In various corners of the island, we’ve discovered very special places where spontaneous and heart-warming encounters with some of Cyprus’ sweetest four-legged inhabitants await. Let us lead you into situations where you can sit amongst hundreds of attention-seeking cats. All they want is your Love, and they’ll give it back ten-fold. Further on: Come with us into rural and semi-wilderness areas where you might experience the “Attack of the Super-Friendly Donkeys.” One must always be equipped with lots of “Donkey Treats” (bags of carrots, carob beans, bread –hey, a Snickers bar does the job too– and other donkey snacks) to feed them. During certain seasons, we are able to offer special interactions with sheep and goats (babies and full-grown adults) at isolated shepherd haunts and remote grazing locations. Each programme will feature combinations of animal-experiences mixed with a little cultural sight-seeing and exposure to Cyprus’ most dynamic landscapes. Bring plenty of tissues to dry your tears of joy and happiness. Bring an open spirit to let the true Magic of Cyprus flood your heart. This is a Positive Energy Day! The pictures say it all.