Tomb 51 in Kalavasos

The Finds inside the Tomb


No 1. Amphora of Plain Wheelmade ware (“Canaanite Jar”)


Thin very pale brown slip. Wide flat base, ovoid body, short concave neck, splaying externally thickened rim; two opposed ear-like handles from lower mid-body to shoulder. One ridge around the base of neck. Very thin walls. Worn spots of red paint on both sides of jar above handles on shoulder and neck (no decoration). H: 59.8cm; Width of body: 39.0cm; D rim: 12.5cm; Capacity to top of rim: ca 18.7 litres. (Note: The capacity measurement was kindly provided by Dr Karl Petruso using a computer programme he developed to calculate pot capacities from a line drawing. The 18.7 litre capacity does not correspond to one “bath”, approx. 22 litres, which is the unit of liquid measure possibly associated with other Canaanite jars.)


No 2. Jug of Black Slip II (Reserved Slip) ware

Thin very dark grey slip. Round base, slight concavity on one side of lower body near base, globular body, wide concave neck. Decoration in very dark grey slip. Pot marks: three small ovoid depressions (0.7 x 1.0cm) on top of handle near junction with neck, traces of slip visible inside depressions. H: 47.0cm; Width of body: 32.5cm; D or rim: 10.2cm.


No 3. Jug of Base-Ring I ware

Red slip of varied thickness, burnished lustrous; large black mottles across parts of body, neck and handle. Shallow ring-base, swollen ovoid body, wide tapering neck, everted rim; high strap handle from shoulder to rim. Plastic decoration: one ridge encircling base of neck. Incomplete. Existing H: 18.2cm. Width of body: 13.9cm.