Flamingo-watching at Akrotiri Salt Lake


One of the unique aspects of living in Cyprus is the fantastic bird-watching opportunities. Because Paphos specifically is geographically positioned almost exactly north of the Nile River Delta, myriad species of migratory birds cross over and often congretate at natural habitats across the western and south-central areas of the island. Akrotiri Salt Lake particularly is a busy spot during many, sometimes all, months of the year to observe fascinating ornitholotical activity. Here’s a look at some of the early arriving Flamingos at the start of November, 2020:



Arerial view of the southern portion of Akrotiri Penninsula showing the entire Akrotiri Salt Lake, which is approximately 6 kms in diameter. This photo from above also shows various small ponds, also important habitats, especially on the western side of the main salt lake.